Request for One-on-One Counseling

Before you complete the application and submit it to us please take a moment to understand how we can best serve our your needs with this service.

One-on-One counseling is available without charge to persons running businesses that are already operating and to individuals starting businesses who have enough understanding of the planning process to have committed some of their ideas, plans and questions to paper. An effective counseling session should focus on your specific needs and questions, however, discussion may identify additional issues. A session should be expected to conclude with agreement about additional work and future counseling. We do not expect that counseling requests will be accompanied by a detailed, all bases covered business plan, although we are prepared to discuss with you such a plan if available.

A request for information on one or two limited subjects is best handled by calling the SCORE office at 615 736-7621 between 9AM and Noon (Monday thru Friday). The counselor on duty can usually provide answers on the spot or direct you to appropriate resources, which may include one-on-one counseling.

If you believe that one-on-one counseling is appropriate for you, we invite you to complete the form reached by a click of the on the link “Register Here “ shown below.

If you have not previously registered with SCORE, please Register Here and complete the registration form.

In the event you make an error in the information submitted to us when you press the “Submit” button at the bottom of the registration form, please return to this page, enter your email address and click the “Make Correction” button; complete by pressing “Submit” on the corrected page.

An alternative process for one-on-one counseling is available through our National SCORE organization at: . The online counseling is provided by counselors from across the country who communicate only via email with clients who choose email counseling. A visit to the National SCORE website will describe more fully the service offered.